Rosario + Vampire Review

28 04 2008

Studio: Gonzo
Genre: Fansevice, Vampires, Trees
Episodes: 13

I’m pretty sure the title of this show should of been ‘Rosary + Vampire’, seeing as the story features a rosary more prominently than most do, while also featuring little to no Rosario Dawson. Of course Rosario Dawson + Vampire would of been a much different and probably better show, but no we’ll have to make do with what we were given. So why did it end up being called Rosario? Well, probably for the same reason that the Chrno Crusade anime was called that instead of Chrono Crusade, whatever that is, I assume some level of incompetence probably occurred at some point?

Anyway, so this show has vampires in it. Uh, well it has vampire in it anyway. It isn’t about a vampire who kills other vampire either, unlike Gonzo’s last vampire related work. When you think about it, Gonzo isn’t really doing very well with its vampire shows. There was Hellsing which is being remade to a much higher quality currently and bloody Trinity Blood which was so unspeakably bad that I have been known to swear never to mention it again sometimes.

….who kills other vampires?

Tsukune is a harem show stereotype. He has brown hair, is a bit of a meek twat, has no idea what to do with women, and is inexplicably attractive to every single female in the cast. What happens is, he’s bad at school, so bad that his parents can’t get him into any high schools. They somehow pilfer a high-school application of some old geezer (how the hell does that work again?) and he ends up going to Youkai Academy, a school for monsters. You see, Youkai means ‘Monster’, hahahaha.. *sigh*

So yeah, the school is full of monsters! It’s only accessible by EVIL BUS, which comes once a month so he’s stuck. Of course all the monsters assume human-like forms because human-like forms wear underwear that can be flashed. There are so many panty-shots in the first episode that it becomes sort of nauseating. To be honest, I probably shouldn’t of watched any more, yet somehow I was compelled to continue. Tsukune bumbles around attracting women, mainly a pink-haired vampire girl called Moka who becomes his girlfriend by the end of the first episode. Each subsequent episode usually deals with yet another girl who tried to get between them, fails, then becomes a regular member of the cast just to spite them.

Excellent trees and panty shot + vampire. This show basically.

The show establishes a formula with all this, but it breaks it just often enough to not get too annoying. In fact, I think they borrowed the formula from Sailor Moon, and the fanservice from Eiken. Actually, I’m not going to link to anything Eiken related, you do not want to know. Ahem, the full cast includes a succubus called Kurumu, a witch named Yukari (I’m not sure how she qualifies as a monster to be honest), a werwolf named Gin, and by far the best character a yuki-onna called Mizore who looks sort of punk.

I guess I should mention that whenever Moka’s Rosary Dawson is removed, she becomes a True Vampire! A true vampire has bigger breasts, different coloured hair, is a bit nastier, and a lot fightier. She does this whenever a fight needs to occur, which is usually in the last five minutes of every episode. The fights are actually animated really nicely. Infact, the whole show looks really really good. It has the art design of a much better show than it is. For one particularly fight-intensive episode they even hire Gainax to do the animation. Unfortunately this episode must of blown almost every single scrap of budget, as the parts where fights aren’t occurring are basically stills.

Oh, sorry were you excpecting fanservice here instead of the cast?

So why should anyone watch this? Do you like fanservice? Well then watch ToLoveRu (or don’t, please). Apart from that it’s just sort of vaguely entertaining, and the plot that develops towards the end is nowhere near as bad as you’d probably expect. I can’t really be bothered to say much positive beyond this, except about how amazing the trees look. I reckon they must of used SpeedTree to make them or something, because damn those trees look fine.

Remeber, if you do watch this show, for the love of god don’t tell anyone you are watching it. Most certainly don’t mention it in your blog either, people will think less of you.

Arbitrary Rating: 5 – Ehhhhhhhhhh



4 responses

29 04 2008

despiste your blog sometimes talking about animes that i think are not that interesting i still find it quite amusing and fresh your way of fact, i loved your review of this anime that i know i won’t ever see…i mean, i guess it’s kinda obvious it sucks lol..anyway,you think your could do a category of post, kinda like a best-off of all the anime you’ve ever seen?you must know some great anime, and shine it with a new light in reviewing 😉

but your blog’s great,keep up the good work!

11 10 2008

If you enjoy viewing dry trees more than panties… Man, you have a problem!

12 06 2009

dude i really agree with rokuro man you must sure be good with panties

8 08 2009

Well at least the manga for the show is pretty good… well at least in my opinion, lol i love how you think the trees are so cool wich they are!! i just found that humerous. i was surprised that moka’s hair is pink and that Kurumu’s hair was blue cus duhh i read the manga and fortunately the manga is black and white i think it looks better black&white though, i wouldve never guessed that moka’s hair would be pink and Mizore is kick ass! lol, alrighty baii

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