Yo! My name is Ian, and as of around January 2008, this is by far my most recent attempt to start a blog. I’ve tried this on and off since the livejournal craze of 2003 without much success. I have narrowed my failure down to the following things:

  • The sort of things that I would be comfortable to write about myself publically are not that interesting.
  • I ususally end up waffling on for 3000 words, then lose interest as it all takes too long to write.

With that in mind, I have decided to focus on my two main pastimes, games and anime. Given these topics, I have many things that might be interesting to say. We’ll see anyway.

My main plan is to write a review of any anime show I finish watching or games and game demos that I finish playing. I’ll probably write some other stuff that occurs to me as well. Sounds exciting, no?

Please send any feedback to wagaafeedback@yahoo.co.uk .

One response

13 09 2008
Dave Milton

Hey, I just wanted to say that your blog is awesome. Anime and games, yep, the best hobbies ever. Keep up the good work.

– Dave

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